The SHows

One stop for all things Bonus Hours Podcasts, From music talk, to the long rambles of Chris, to the drunken fallacies of Ian, the near correct of Josh, and the almost wisdom of all the profanity, it is all right here.


Between the Profound & the profane

the Bonus Hours Boys do their best to talk just long enough to say something Profound and then just longeruntil they ruin their false wisdom with indecipherable profanity. 
Don't get caught between it all...


3rd Coast stoop-kids

"it's a tunes-cast" -Josh Lewis
"this is dope shit" Brad Bryans, the 'intern'

Josh and Chris do what they love most. Sit on a porch smoke cigarettes till their eyes bleed and share music they love. 


Bonus Hours' After Hour