A Half Mad Poem 1 #HalfMadWriterGuild

I missed a day or a few this week and in an attempt the prevent that I have selected to preload a few pages worth of poetry from my old notebook. So that anytime I miss a day there is something still ready to go out. Now, let’s see if I can let mt younger(22 or 23ish) self shine without allowing my newer self to edit his words away too much.

This particular notebook was started in the Spring of 2011, and we will do our due dilligence to go through each page one by one.

Without further ado, page one from my 2011 notebook.

So Gorgeous I Wear Sunglasses When I Look into Her Eyes

Am Honored
By the Gods
the Duty
of Holding the Sun
While She Slumbers

In the
of the evening
just abreast
the fiends
nightly ascension
The Blind Beuaty
takes Graceful Steps
Down Along the Western Sky
through the window
and into
the depths
of a Night Tide

She folds her Celestial Body
Between my modest sheets

Wrapping Her Glow
Around me
warm escape
from the bitter
produced behind a tattered heart

the Gods
Awaken Her
my Love leaves
to tend Her daily duties
She Glides Out
of my tomb
Kissing my cheek
Before Bringing Her Light to the world

i make
Rise From Beyond
leaving my post
Guarding my Desk
i step out back
Feed my Thirst
to Breathe Death
I must shield My Eyes
from the beaming
smile she constantly
shines down
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I wrote that in a fog at about 22 or just before 23 when I was in a space to try and throw my entire future into a relationship predicated on a quick burning sexual lust. The odd capitalization was already inherent in the originally written text throughout the poem, but I might have helped drive the point home with a little 7 years understanding of what i think that kid was trying to artistically portray.