Dungeons and Puffin Dragons: Searching for the Triforce with a Warped Sword in sea of Smoke and Darkness

I discovered the healing properties of fantasy worlds at a disturbingly young age, normal i suppose fot us in genration y, but too young for our older brothers and parents to ever comprehend.  

That first game that really made me take note was the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  

I spent hours at the age of seven delving deep into Hyrule’s hidden web of dungeons, traps, and puzzles losing myself in the role of a hero i never thought i was strong enough to be,  In those days of elementary book learning i wasn’t searching for the master sword to escape a treachorous dungeon of my own inability to control my waywatd emotions.  i was searching for a weapon to overcome my own rejection.  A geeky white outcast in a predominantly black school I needed a heroic avatar to do the things i never could.  When a bully would corner me in the bathroom and hold me in the toilet so a 300 pound boy could sit on me and three others could wail on my legs and back, i could simply go home, turn on my Nintendo 64 and lay waste to Ganondorf’s dark army.  Link had a courage I felt i never would.  What living being would wake up at the age of ten be told he has a great quest to under take and dives into darkened corridors with out asking questions?  My child self couldn’t think of any and so my morals and thougths were based around this idea that courage was not soemthing one developed but was appointed to a lucky few by the unseen hand of a benevolent and supreme being.  


And so there I was, never realizing the metaphorical implications of the little boy in green growing up by dancing between spikes in dank dungeons all to find a golden power that could help him save himself, the princess, and his kingdom.  Never knowing that within a few short years the ugliest of my lief long nemesis fear and depression and self loathing would rear their ugly heads and take that little fantastic escape from me.

I became an angsty teen with seriously over looked mental health issues.  And though I was often too distracted by own bullshit to sit and play a real game i recall constantly coming back to those lessons i learned through all my different trips to the far away land I knew as my second home in Hyrule.  That little fairy boy in green taught me so much more about myself than my mother and father ever could.